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Vibrator Motor

Excel Magnetic’s Vibrator Motor are well equipped with special profile bearings with high carrying load and increased bearing work. It results into long bearing life.

The vibrator motor is another kind of electric object that obtains quality separation with the centrifugal force unlike the screens. The shafts and eccentric blocks are used for fast rotation of the motors along with the substance in them and the two layers of the separated products are obtained.

Using the motors

Quiet easy to handle and repair are they. These motors are installed in the environment that has enough space for them to fix. They are used in majority of the hydropower constructions, thermal power generation plants and even the metallurgy and light industries.


Factors to bear
Check your vibrator motor well when you get it delivered at your industry. See to it that the bolts and tails are flexibly fit or not. Fasten the moving wrenches of the motors. The vibration speed or level is normal or not, do check with accordance to your need. Hygiene is the foremost check that you require to make.

The vibrator motors and the screens are some of the essential parts used for the separation, basically and only then can a pure material be attained as the product after the various steps of productions.

Vibrator Motor Features:

  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • High Performance
  • Value for money. For more details about our any products Click Here

Vibrator Motor & Vibrating Screen to ensure that every trace of contamination is removed

Motorised Vibrating Feeder

Linux manufactures Vibration motor base feeders, which utilize the forces set up by two synchronised counter-rotating, heavy duty vibrator motors. At Two points in each complete revolution, the centrifugal forces of each vibrator coincide, resulting in a linear force.
Our feeders are custom built to meet any application needed. Feeders are built rugged to produce tje consistent flow rates and trouble free operation needed for efficient processing. The Feeder can be designed wither Base Mounted or Suspension / Hanging Type.


  • Liners can be provided for special application e.g. Feeding of ORE & Pellets in the Blast Furnace.
  • Enclosed Body for feeder can be manufacture for Extracting Minerals for Storage Bins and Conveying to kilns.

Technical Specification:

  • The Mechanical Vibratory Feeder consists of a tray made out of Mild Steel.
  • The body housing of the Vibrator is made from Heavy duty M.S.Plates.
  • As the Motor get energized the Vibration sets the material in motion.
  • The Vibration of the feeder will be controlled with the help of adjusting the loads of the motor.
  • The Feeder will be mounted on Heavy Duty Spring Bar/Brakets or Base Mounting.
  • Vibrator Motor & Vibrating Screen :
  • Use our Vibrator Motor & Vibrating Screen to ensure that every trace of contamination is removed
  • We have the best industrial quality vibrating equipment in the widest range possible. Choose from a variety of vibrating machines for different purposes and see how our equipment to help to increase your productivity.  All kinds of industries use our machines and equipment to sort and to filter their products that range from grain and other food products to metals, minerals. The machines are also used to size and sort out many things.

The secret to our success with our machines is the Vibrator Motor. Every one of the Vibrator motors that we use has a high carrying load and is designed with special profile bearing. Our vibrator motor uses centrifugal force that helps the shaft and eccentric blocks to rotate the motors faster and this helps in the accurate separation of the product. These are especially useful in industries like metallurgy and lightings, thermal power generation plants and even in massive Hydropower constructions.

We are also well known for our circular and rectangular vibrating screens. There is nothing better to separate materials of a different nature or composition. Our vibratory screens can sift, scalp, classify and can even carry out dedusting and dewatering as required. Used extensively across food industries and especially FMCG industries, chemicals and even pharmaceutical companies. In spite of the range of our vibrating screens we will also customize anything specific for our customer’s requirement.

Our Staff is our Backbone
Talk to our experts about the Vibrator Motor and Vibrating Screen that will best suit your requirement. Our products have cleared all the tests of quality and are known for their durability and long life. Our team of experts will even visit you on site to better understand your processes and will then be able to recommend the best Vibrator motor & Vibrating screen that will be the most efficient. Our customer service teams are always available to resolve your queries and maintenance staff is also on hand to assist with any technical difficulty at any time.

Cost Effective and Productive
watch your productivity increase and the quality of the products meet every quality check.  The vibrator motor and vibrating screen are also available at the best prices in the industry. Couple this with our quality and customer service and you have a winning combination.

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