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Uses of a Vibrating Screen and Vibrator Motor

Vibrating Screenis a mining machinery device with a double-degree-freedom directional powered vibration characteristic that is broadly used in the industry of cement. It has many advantages, like simple stable work, structure, low consumption but with a high efficiency. Although in thisuseful application, the occurrence of noreasonable maintenance andunsteady work is common. And following a phase of using, the transmission capability for the material reduces evidently. At this condition, if maintenance is not reasonable, usualprocedure of the device will be affected quite seriously.

Introduction of Vibrating Screen

In the year 1980, the Hongxing Mining Machinery introduced the manufacturing tools of TH and TJ type of vibrating screens from an American RS organization, thatwere transformed into a domestic model asYA Series spherical vibrating screensas well as ZKX Series linear vibrating motorwhichiscommonly used in China.

In the year 1996, the Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery initiated the manufacturing tools of LSK series spherical vibrating screensand TISL series linear screens from Germany.

The abovestated twokinds of the screening machines are the developed products from the KHD Company in the decade of 1980s, wherein the USL linear screen is about 5 meters wide.This demonstrates that the manufacturing stage of a large or medium screen in China took a huge step.

Moreover, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery launched a manufacturing technology of the HLW vibrating screenings from Japan’s Kobe Steel, which was developed into a domestic type like the ZK series screen. The construction of this type of vibrating screening is compact and is very light in weight. The highest size of this screening is up to 27, which is China’s biggest linear screen. For more details visit us at:


Uses of a Vibrating Screenwith an understanding of Vibrator Motor

A 2YKH-2245 is a heavy vibrator motor screen designed and manufactured by the Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery. It is first used in an open pit coal preparing plant in the year 1983 to substitute the spiral screen for thesculpting gangue with grading large and medium masses, which has carried out innovations and practices for the heavy vibrating screeninggoods. Numerous large tools of the Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery are brought in from foreign countries.

A super heavy screening device is required to match for devices that areimported. The Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery effectively developed YAC-2460 super heavy screen in 1992, whose utmost feeding size might be up to about 400mm with the capacity of 1000t/h. Better results have been received following it the start of its use.


While a vibrator motor run swith the effect of vibrator, screen cloth and screen box will shift ontooval, circular, or linear movement that will make the material on surface of the screen scatter and lift up and down. Therefore, fine particles may fall through the material deposit and after that expel from a sieve hole. Also the larger particles will keep onmoving forwardwith effect of vibration.

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