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Vibrator Motor

Excel Magnetic’s Vibrator Motor are well equipped with special profile bearings with high carrying load and increased bearing work. It results into long bearing life.




High Performance

Value for money.

Vibratory Feeder

Vibratory feeder are ideally suited for controlling the flow of bulk materials to secondary processing operation. Vibrations produced are smooth, uniform, volumetric flow that is fully variable from a dribble to surge. Vibratory feeders are used to control product flow in bulk handling operation such as packaging, batching, mixing, drying, weighing, sprinkling and spreading. Our feeders have handled a variety of materials, from dry to damp, cold to hot, fine to course, with different bulk densities. Some of the applications include; use in chemical plant – to control flow of ingredients to mixing tanks, the Food Industries to sprinkle nuts and topping on cakes and ice-cream products.

Vibratory Feeder Types:

Electro Magnetic Type

Twin Unbalance Motorized Type

UF – Exciter Driven Type.

Eccentric Drive Type.

Motorised Vibrating Feeder


Linux manufactures Vibration motor base feeders, which utilize the forces set up by two synchronised counter-rotating, heavy duty vibrator motors. At Two points in each complete revolution, the centrifugal forces of each vibrator coincide, resulting in a linear force.

Our feeders are custom built to meet any application needed. Feeders are built rugged to produce tje consistent flow rates and trouble free operation needed for efficient processing. The Feeder can be designed wither Base Mounted or Suspension / Hanging Type.


Liners can be provided for special application e.g. Feeding of ORE & Pellets in the Blast Furnace.

Enclosed Body for feeder can be manufacture for Extracting Minerals for Storage Bins and Conveying to kilns.

Technical Specification:

The Mechanical Vibratory Feeder consist of a tray made out of Mild Steel.

The body housing of the Vibrator is made from Heavy duty M.S.Plates.

As the Motor get energised the Vibration sets the material in motion.

The Vibration of the feeder will be controlled with the help of adjusting the loads of the motor.

The Feeder will be mounted on Heavy Duty Spring Bar/Brakets or Base Mounting.